Adelphi Embraces Inclusivity – AJ at Work

It’s important for both the pride and visibility of the disabled community that they be included in the workplace, and Adelphi Research has embraced inclusivity for many years. AJ and Alex have become invaluable members of our team and have changed our organization for the better! Both play integral roles as office assistants in several departments and have responsibility for key office functions. They have autonomy and take ownership of their roles.

When individuals with autism reach adulthood, their employment options are, unfortunately, limited. Unemployment rates among those on the spectrum have been reported to be as high as 90%. With 1 in 59 children diagnosed with autism, the population is growing. As businesses, it is our social responsibility to incorporate and support this growing population, and these individuals offer many diverse talents that can benefit our organizations.

– Article from Adelphi’s Newsletter from July, 2020


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