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Philly Fit
Autism on the RUN
Physically Fit, March/April 2010
Fourteen-year-old Connor bends over the elliptical trainer as his workout takes him up a steep incline. “You’re doing great,” his mom encourages as she counts off “clicks” on a handheld tally counter. “Only five minutes to go!” Connor presses on, knowing that eight clicks on the counter will earn him his favorite Shania Twain DVD when he gets home. Read more…

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    >> Casino Night: April 27, 2019
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    The AJ Foundation conducts fundraising activities throughout the year to help offset the operational costs and facilitate the growth and expansion of CLC, as well as to offer support to other autism initiatives. These special events also help support our continued efforts to inform the general public about autism and today’s most effective teaching methods for individuals with autism. Donations are also greatly appreciated!


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